Products & Services


SJE Polymers Ltd produce a wide variety or rubber mouldings which includes rubber to metal bonding work, gaiters, seals, diaphragms, gaskets, couplings, bushes and many other components.

Other non-moulded items such as extruded sections, cut gaskets, washers, self-adhesive backed strips, jointed rings are some of the additional range of products we can also provide.

An extensive range of rubber compounds are used and these are sourced from reputable suppliers who provide materials that can vary from commercial grades up to highly technical grades that will meet any specification requirements necessary for certain applications.

SJE Polymers Ltd works closely with specialist moulding tool designers to ensure that high quality finished components can be attained. This can also include the use of prototype tooling to check the suitability of a design before full production commences.

At all levels SJE Polymers Ltd seeks to provide a high level of service to meet your requirements.

If you wish to discuss a project then please call us on 0121 440 6555 or if you wish to send a written enquiry please use our Contact Page and a member of staff will respond by telephone or e-mail to discuss your enquiry in more detail.